Reasons To Consider Temp Staff

Office Temps

Employers – Do you need Temporary Support? We give you the reasons to consider a Temporary Hire over the next few months. Instant impact: Temporary workers are used to joining organisations for a short period of time, so can make an immediate impact on your organisation. The process for hiring temporary workers is also traditionally […]

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Surviving My First Year in Recruitment!


By Ciara Gallagher   It has been almost a year since I joined Leinster Appointments and began my career in recruitment! It has been a brilliant experience with plenty of ups and downs. As I prepare to head off on annual leave for a couple of weeks, I decided to have a look back at […]

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Advantages of Using a Recruitment Agency for Hiring


Hiring the right talent is critical for any organisation, and the process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. This is where recruitment agencies come into play. A recruitment agency acts as an intermediary between job seekers and employers, helping both parties find the right fit. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of using a […]

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Ways to Motivate & Retain Your Employees

Ways to motivate Staff

An article in Harvard Business School in 2017 spoke about Modern Motivational Methods for Attracting and Retaining Employees. Many companies are now struggling to hire and retain employees in the current labour market. Candidates are hard to be found and retaining existing staff has become an important consideration for management teams. Now more than ever, […]

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Dating vs Recruiting


When it comes to Dating and Recruitment, we have noticed a lot of similarities between the two activities: Profile vs. CV Much like an online dating profile, in recruiting, you have to put your best face forward. When finding a potential match on a dating site, you are looking for an intriguing profile that stands […]

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2023 HR Trends


2023 HR Trends Nomadic talent Hybrid working HR’s role as caregivers Reskilling and upskilling of employees HR and the senior management team Nomadic talent The trend of nomadic talent is fast emerging in todays’ world with technology contributing to this. Talented individuals can now switch role, company and even their career at a much faster […]

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2022 Overview and Key Trends- Accountancy and Finance Sector


2022 has been a turbulent and difficult year for many.   In Ireland, we have faced the perfect storm of a cost of living crisis, highest increase of Inflation in over 40 years, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and an interruption and cost hikes in the supply chain. The main trend and the biggest headache for […]

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Overview and Challenges of the 2022 HR Market


  As we entered into 2022, changes in how we work , where we work, who we work with and why we work were in continual flux. Many of these changes started prior to the pandemic, were then accelerated by it and have become permanent aspects of the workplace. For HR teams in Ireland , […]

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The Over 55’s – A New Work Generation


Reasons why we should Hire and Retain. We’ve had a huge success here in Leinster Appointments over the last 6 months of placing mature candidates with our clients in jobs and the feedback to date has been very positive. On a recent survey, Irish Businesses have highlighted that the labour shortages and lack of access […]

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Multiple Job offers? Employment Market in 2022


  The Employment Market 2022: 2022 has brought about a lot of changes in the employment market. The biggest change relates to a shortage of candidates in Finance & Accounting, Human Resources and Office Support. Whether this is because of the  #thegreatreshuffle or #thegreatresignation, many candidates find themselves with multiple job offers. So how do […]

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How sport positively impacts my working and personal life


By Grace Clifford – Senior HR Recruitment Consultant From a young age I always enjoyed sports and being active. From playing football at any chance I got, being constantly outside running around or having PE as my favourite (and only favourite) subject, I always knew sport would be a huge part of my life. Gaelic […]

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The Dreaded Commute

Jobs - Work Closer to Home

Q. What do all these roads have in common?  A. Traffic, Stress, Long Delays! Think: Work Closer To Home Winter has arrived. Along with the cold, wet and dark mornings brings the dreaded commute and never ending traffic. The lines of long traffic delays have returned, along with stressed and frustrated commuters. As employees are beginning to […]

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