Over 55's jobs - recruitment

Reasons why we should Hire and Retain.

We’ve had a huge success here in Leinster Appointments over the last 6 months of placing mature candidates with our clients in jobs and the feedback to date has been very positive.

On a recent survey, Irish Businesses have highlighted that the labour shortages and lack of access to talent is the number one major challenge facing them in 2022.

We need to be pragmatic about skills, particularly in the current job climate. With increasing skill and talent shortages and many businesses struggling to fill key roles, hiring by looking beyond experience and technical fit to soft skills, behaviour, motivation, and cultural fit, might be a welcome solution.

The over 55’s are a part of the workforce that are often overlooked when they could be seen as an untapped talent resource. Their wisdom, years of experience and transferable skills could be just what businesses need to fill those hard-to-fill roles thanks to the skills shortage.

People are living longer, healthier lives – today, your 50’s is only the mid-point of life and far away from retirement.

Reasons we believe to consider Hiring a Mature candidate:

Loyalty and stability. They’re more settled and not as likely to jump jobs when the next job offer comes down

Decision-making skills. An obvious benefit of older workers is the experience and skills they bring to a job. You’ve got someone who can solve your problem today.  An experienced worker can hit the ground running

Cognitive capacity. The whole set of mental abilities that we look for in a great employee are already honed; management skills, leadership skills, communication skills, empathy —those qualities keep developing as we age.

Attitude. Older workers are proactive, positive, and practical.

Leadership skills. Workers who have been at it for a few decades are often good leaders, in large part due to their intrinsic communication skills

Essential skills and networks. They often have greater management, marketing, and finance experience, and richer, deeper industry knowledge.

Mentors Older workers play a vital role in providing skills to younger people in the workplace. And the learning goes both ways.


Attracting the over 55 demographic and diversifying workplace culture may require ‘thinking outside the box’ as to how a greater variety of skills and experience can benefit available roles.

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