The Dreaded Commute

November 9, 2021

  Q. What do all these roads have in common?  A. Traffic, Stress, Long Delays! Winter has arrived. Along with the cold, wet and dark mornings brings the dreaded commute and never ending traffic. The lines of long traffic delays have returned, along with stressed and frustrated commuters. As employees are beginning to return to their offices […]

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CAO Offers

Recruitment Agency Dublin
September 7, 2021

In our role as professional recruiters, we meet people all the time who have switched careers. In one instance, a candidate who had completed a degree in engineering realised it wasn’t for him. He changed direction and went on to pursue an Accounting Qualification. We placed that candidate in a finance role in an engineering […]

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Multiple Job offers? Post Pandemic Employment Market

August 10, 2021

  Post Pandemic  changes in the Employment Market: As we come out of the pandemic and society opens up again, we have noticed a change in the employment market. The biggest change relates to a shortage of candidates in Finance & Accounting, Human Resources and Office Support. Whether this is because of the  #thegreatreshuffle or […]

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How sport positively impacts my working and personal life

January 8, 2021

From a young age I always enjoyed sports and being active. From playing football at any chance I got, being constantly outside running around or having PE as my favourite (and only favourite) subject, I always knew sport would be a huge part of my life. Gaelic Football always stood out for me though, the […]

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Reasons why you might consider temping

December 9, 2020

While we continue to see growth in new jobs, companies are remaining cautious and temp jobs have become increasingly popular in the Irish market place. So, if candidates are struggling to find a permanent job or don’t want to tie themselves down to one role for a long period of time, temping could be the […]

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Your boss can’t ‘see’ you working remotely so how do you prove you are working!

July 3, 2020

 Be Responsive but don’t go overboard on the updates! Send updates but don’t overwhelm.    While it is important to answer your phone and respond to emails during working hours, don’t feel the pressure to respond to each and every email instantly just for the sake of it. You’ll be measured on your productivity not on […]

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Starting A Job Remotely In 2020, Is This The New Norm?

June 22, 2020

It is commonplace for those starting in a new role to have first day jitters, but what about those starting in new roles virtually in today’s very different work landscape ? The reality is, your first day and many days after that may well end up working virtually, from the safety of home depending on […]

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Tips for candidates on doing Zoom/Video interviews

June 9, 2020

Video Interviews has become part of the ‘new normal’ in 2020. Zoom has emerged as the one that is most popular at the moment for employers conducting interview. We are getting feedback from our candidates that they are finding video interviewing ‘ different’ and hard to establish a rapport with interviewers.   Here are our […]

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Top Tips For Working From Home

April 2, 2020

Adjusting can be a tough thing to do particularly when we are going through such uncertain times. Working from home for many of us is a new experience and it can be difficult to get in the zone while in the comfort of your own home. Follow some of these simple tips to continue to […]

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The Benefits of Team Sports Participation in the Workplace

February 27, 2020

We are all too familiar with the benefits of physical exercise on our health. It is safe to say the list is endless. In more recent times we have come to learn that our body releases endorphins – aka. Happy hormones, when we engage in physical activity.  This can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, […]

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The Importance of Interview Feedback

February 6, 2020

The Importance of Interview Feedback I have been in recruitment for more than 13 years . I speak to my candidates on a daily basis and one of their biggest bug bearers is the lack of feedback they receive when they interview with a company directly. When they attend the interview there is a percentage […]

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Grace Clifford on equality in ladies football

February 3, 2020

Congratulations to our Grace Clifford for this brilliant article in yesterdays Sunday Independent on equality within ladies football. Grace is the captain of the Kildare ladies team and we are all so proud of you here at Leinster Appointments! Read this interesting article following the link below.

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