2023 HR Trends

  1. Nomadic talent
  2. Hybrid working
  3. HR’s role as caregivers
  4. Reskilling and upskilling of employees
  5. HR and the senior management team
HR Trends 2023
2023 HR Trends

Nomadic talent

The trend of nomadic talent is fast emerging in todays’ world with technology contributing to this. Talented individuals can now switch role, company and even their career at a much faster rate. Companies are seeking individuals with the skills that come with a career nomad.

Hybrid Working

The common question from candidates in 2022 has been around hybrid / remote working and also a flexible working week. For HR roles, it is the one area where a site presence may be required more often than some other disciplines. There are very few roles in HR that are fully remote. In 2023, we expect the hybrid working and flexible working week to continue. A LinkedIn study showed that only 20% of roles posted on LinkedIn were remote, but they received over 50% of all applications.


HR News - Employee Wellbeing
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HR’s role as caregivers

Another trend continuing from 2022 into 2023 is a focus on employee well-being and the importance of healthy work relationships. A lot of HR professionals are struggling with burnout and exhaustion. It is important as a HR professional to recognise that you need support and to take action. The implementation of stricter work-life balance policies and building a culture of acceptance around employee wellbeing are areas to focus on.

Along with this, rewards and perks are changing to focus on training and development, self-care initiatives, and mental health and wellness. Previously initiatives to keep employees on site, such as happy hours or free donuts were popular, but looking into 2023 they have taken a back seat.



HR Recruitment Ireland
HR Recruitment Ireland

Reskilling and upskilling of employees

It will be important in 2023 for companies to examine the skill gaps and fill these or upskill existing employees. Upskilling allows employees to adapt to changes within their job role whereas reskilling prepares employees for promotion or a lateral move. Ireland is behind the rest of Europe in terms of upskilling. Organisation design and job analysis will be important when examining this. In 2023, first-time leaders will be a focus in terms of skill development as they lack key leadership skills required to effectively lead a team.




HR and the senior management team

HR has become a much larger, more challenging, and vital function. While the HR Manager may not traditionally have been considered a part of that C-suite inner circle, they are now very much considered part of the senior management team in many businesses.