By Ciara Gallagher


It has been almost a year since I joined Leinster Appointments and began my career in recruitment! It has been a brilliant experience with plenty of ups and downs. As I prepare to head off on annual leave for a couple of weeks, I decided to have a look back at the lessons that I have learned in my first year.

What have I learned in my first year in recruitment?


Success takes time:

I have learned that a lot of resilience, patience and determination goes hand in hand with being a successful recruiter. As a HR recruiter I had to learn the language used by HR candidates along with understanding their skills and matching that to my clients needs. There are no shortcuts or quick fixed, it requires time and effort.


Stay resilient:

Recruitment is tough; there can be a lot of setbacks. There are days where it feels like everything that can go wrong – goes wrong! Managing candidates and clients’ expectations can be challenging at times. From candidates withdrawing from interviews and ghosting you or struggling to fill long-advertised positions.


Embrace the unpredictability:

One of the main aspects of recruitment that I enjoy is its unpredictability and ever-changing nature. No two days are alike, and you never know what hurdles or opportunities await you. Embrace the ever-changing nature of the job and relish the chance to grow. Remember that certain aspects are beyond our control, and accepting this is a part of the job, it took me a while to realise that I cannot control the uncontrollable factors!


Keep a positive mindset:

In the world of recruitment, your mindset and attitude play a vital role in determining your success. Approaching your work with a negative mindset is likely to delay your progress. Conversely, starting each day with a positive attitude, remaining focused, and embracing enthusiasm for your work can make everything feel more manageable.


Lessons for Life:

Recruitment is more than just a job; it’s an experience that imparts valuable life lessons. Through countless conversations with candidates and clients, your confidence naturally grows. You develop the art of building relationships, empathy, and connecting with people on a personal level.