By Ciara Gallagher


📊 2023 HR Insights: Results Are In!


Thank you to everyone who participated in our HR polls for 2023! Your input provides a valuable glimpse into the challenges and dynamics shaping our workplace.


One notable finding is that the main challenge facing HR departments in 2023 revolves around employee retention and hiring. This in turn leads to a look at the motivations for leaving a role, the majority of candidates are contemplating changes based on considerations of salary and benefits, as well as work-life balance.


I also analysed HR recruitment trends within Leinster Appointments in 2023. I looked at various job titles recorded during this period and also whether these roles were temporary, contract or permanent positions. It can be seen that there is a higher turnover among more junior HR roles.


If you’re seeking HR opportunities, would like to know more about the below HR trends or if you are looking to engage with a recruitment agency in 2024, please get in touch, I would be happy to help!