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Q. What do all these roads have in common? 

A. Traffic, Stress, Long Delays!

Think: Work Closer To Home

Winter has arrived. Along with the cold, wet and dark mornings brings the dreaded commute and never ending traffic. The lines of long traffic delays have returned, along with stressed and frustrated commuters. As employees are beginning to return to their offices we are getting more calls from candidates looking for roles closer to home or a hybrid working week.

We spoke to a highly frustrated candidate last week who is spending 3 extra hours daily commuting since her return to the office. Her journey on the M7 commences before 7am where she crawls and negotiates lanes and when she eventually hits the M50 ‘ Car Park’, her frustration and stress has risen to a tipping point. This is all before she starts her daily work routine at 8.30am in South Dublin . As she pointed out ,during lockdown she had an hour of work already completed before 8.30. Her productivity is lower since returning to the office. She estimates that she can devote  5 extra hours per week to work when she can work from home aside from the strains of the commute.

To employers

We’ve never had such a shortage of labour in the marketplace . In order to retain your staff and maintain their wellbeing, think about their working week in a collaborative way. It’s a win-win for both parties.

To employees

We have a large number of companies that are open to flexible working weeks. The long 5 day a week commute can be a thing of the past . Explore local options and explore hybrid options.

Let the work – life balance begin. As they say – don’t live to work. Work to live.

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