As we entered into 2022, changes in how we work , where we work, who we work with and why we work were in continual flux.

Many of these changes started prior to the pandemic, were then accelerated by it and have become permanent aspects of the workplace.

For HR teams in Ireland , the rise of  ‘ remote and hybrid working week versus on site’ is a permanent mainstay. This year has brought on new terms such as ‘ quiet quitting’ and ‘ the great resignation’ as companies and employees emerge post pandemic.


However now as we are at the end of 2022 there are now 3 Major stands out Pressures and challenges that all organisations are Now grappling and in turn all HR departments;


Rising Inflation feeding into Wage Increases and rocketing Costs

Scarce and Expensive Talent, with a shortage of candidates across all sectors

Global Supply Constraints– currently over 50% of Irish CFO’s surveyed believe supply Chain volatility and shortages will last beyond 2022


With the above Challenges in mind – the HR Group Gartner have now surveyed the Top 5 Priorities for HR leaders in 2023