Office Temps

Employers – Do you need Temporary Support?

We give you the reasons to consider a Temporary Hire over the next few months.

  • Instant impact: Temporary workers are used to joining organisations for a short period of time, so can make an immediate impact on your organisation. The process for hiring temporary workers is also traditionally a lot quicker. You’ll hire for technical skills to deliver something specific rather than for long-term cultural fit.
  • Fresh perspectives: Sometimes it just takes one outsider to completely change the way an organisation operates. The more temp employees you hire, the more unique perspectives you’re going to get. Temps usually have a very specific skillset and are accustomed to performing on niche projects, bringing even more unique skills to your company.
  • Cost effective: Temporary workers are by definition an interim solution and do not require a fixed annual salary. They’ll also generally incur fewer costs than are associated with a permanent employee. You can then hire when the need arises, responding to market needs and demands as they happen.
  • Temporary workers are  not part of the head count: It often happens that companies foresee that will need someone for a certain position in the near future, but for corporate reasons they cannot hire a permanent employee. A temporary worker can be a good alternative, because he or she will not be carried on the payroll of the company. Once  greenlight is sent by the headquarters, you can always decide to offer a permanent contract.
  • You don´t have to manage the payroll: Especially for smaller companies, that don´t have a big HR department it can be load of their shoulders if they can outsource all the administration.

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