Leinster Appointments sponsors under 13’s Newbridge Town FC Team


  Leinster Appointments are delighted to sponsor the under 13’s Newbridge Town FC Team for the 2016 – 2017 Season. The team remains unbeaten in the SDFI league and are in the cup final in September. Best to luck to the team from Leinster Appointments!

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Time Management – making the Day work better


Time management is one of the most difficult challenges we face. There never seems to be enough time to complete all that we need to do. Some of our time management difficulties are due to things that are outside of our control. Other time management difficulties are because of things that we do – things that […]

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The Millenial Work Myth


This is a great Article written by Aaron Levy of Forbes: The myth that the millennial population is “lazy, entitled and wants everything right now” is false. On the surface, you can find merit in these claims. Millennials tend to jump from job to job, lasting in each job an average of 1.3 years, with […]

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7 New Jobs That Are So ‘2017’

Here are seven new jobs that reflect what’s important in 2017—and the risk takers who can tell us where we’re going. Simulated Astronaut   Education: Must meet basic requirements of the NASA Astronaut Program (undergraduate degree in science, engineering, or related field) Annual Salary: $18,000 When Dr. Sheyna Gifford came back to Earth last August, she noticed […]

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Timesheets For Temporary Workers


Deadline for Timesheets is Monday 10am Please email to joanne@leinsterappointments.ie Download Timesheet 2017

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Advice to Temporary Workers Do’s and Don’ts!

DO Contact your temp consultant every other week with your availability. Contact your temp consultant if you’ve accepted any other roles whether temporary or permanent. When interviewing, arrive 5-10 minutes early, but no earlier. Research companies and contacts that you are given from your temp consultant When following up on anything pick up the phone […]

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What questions to ask in an interview


You’ve been asked about your skills, your experience and your gap year backpacking through Australia. However, there’s still one killer question – “Do you have anything that you’d like to ask us?” If you prepare thoroughly, this could be your opportunity to not only gain deeper insights into your potential employer and the job you’re […]

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10 things to remember when writing your CV

A meticulously crafted CV can, on occasion, secure you a job and will always improve your chances of reaching interview stage. Make sure yours ends up in the ‘yes’ tray: 1. Keep it brief, no more than two to Four pages 2. Avoid superfluous personal detail such as age, religion and sex 3. Don’t write in the first person […]

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Job Offers


This is the stage you have been working towards, job offers. There still are a number of decisions you need to make before you commit to your new role. However, it is important to remember that this is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. Hence you will need to make […]

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Creating a CV

You have made the decision to look for a new job.  The next step is to prepare your CV.  Normally your CV is your first introduction to potential employers.  It needs to be concise and presented in a manner that will catch the attention of the person reading it. Presentation Regardless of your suitability for […]

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Interview Types

Competency Based Interviews: What is a competency based interview? Behavioral, Structural or Competency Based Interviews are used to show how you would demonstrate certain behaviors / skills in the workplace. You will be asked to give an example of a situation or task that led you to take a certain course of action. Competency based […]

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Psychometric tests

How to deal with the different types of psychometric tests used in job interviews and assessment centres: aptitude tests, ability tests and personality tests. Psychometric tests can be used by employers as part of an interview or assessment centre. These tests are designed to assess your intelligence, logic, reasoning ability, numerical ability and verbal ability. […]

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