• Contact your temp consultant every other week with your availability.
  • Contact your temp consultant if you’ve accepted any other roles whether temporary or permanent.
  • When interviewing, arrive 5-10 minutes early, but no earlier.
  • Research companies and contacts that you are given from your temp consultant
  • When following up on anything pick up the phone – communication and relationship building is key when temping.
  • With each new assignment, double check all details including address, journey time and who you’ll be reporting to.
  • Dress appropriately for the assignment (check with your temp controller what this should be) this will help you fit in, perform better and feel more confident in your role.
  • Make a conscious choice to approach each new work situation constructively – you never know where it may lead!
  • If you’re unable to attend a booking, inform your consultant before 9am.
  • Get your timesheet in on time. Get into the habit of sending this in before you leave on a Friday afternoon.
  • As you complete assignments, update your CV to include the new skills and experience you acquire – your next assignment could be more senior and pay more.


  • Turn Up late
  • Wait for the work to be given to you.  Show initiative! If you finish ahead of schedule, don’t wait for someone to  come and find you – ask for more  work. You’ll earn a reputation as a  hard worker and also be first in line  for future assignments.
  • Use your phone whilst working in a temp role
  • Use the company’s equipment for personal use.
  • Abuse your email/internet privileges.
  • Join in with office politics.
  • If you’re looking for a permanent position whilst temping we’ll always encourage you to keep interviewing, however we ask you to keep these to first thing and last thing  in the day (Or lunch times as approved  by your boss).