A few weeks ago, we had a candidate do a video interview for her dream job. It was 1pm during the day and she sat in her pyjamas in a messy kitchen (breakfast on display).  Needless to say, she was unsuccessful. In fact, our Client mentioned that she was unable to focus on anything the candidate was saying during the interview due to her presentation and the messy background.

Many companies are now using video interviews to expedite the hiring process – so we need to be prepared!

We have some tips to improve your video-interviewing skills to help you land your dream job:

  • Check your setup

Just because it’s a video interview doesn’t mean you can take that interview from your bed or messy kitchen! Make sure to find a quiet space well in advance. Prepare your interview area so it’s as professional as possible. Preferably set the backdrop as a blank wall, however a neat and tidy background is also acceptable. No beds, interesting artwork or anything else distracting should be on show. Make yourself familiar with the type of video conference tool required by the company in advance of the call. Prior to the interview, make sure the internet connection is strong and stable. You don’t want to be stuck fumbling with technical difficulties! Another important tip to note is to always be the first person on the line as this will showcase your punctuality and eagerness for the role.

  • Angle and eye contact are critical

It is important to look directly at the camera on your computer, not just at your screen as this will make it appear as though you are looking the interviewer in the eye. Also make sure not to dart your eyes around the room as you may appear nervous or unsettled. Try your best to act as if you are speaking with the interviewer face-to-face, sitting across the table from them. Practice a call with a friend or family member first to get comfortable looking directly into the camera.

  • Make sure you’re in a well-lit room and the interviewer can see you clearly

 Avoid harsh lighting, especially strong overhead lights. Natural daylight is ideal, but of course this isn’t always possible – especially when it’s dark by 5pm!

  • Positive Body language

Make sure you are centred on the screen. Keep your arms uncrossed, and don’t fidget. Don’t forget to smile! Like a face to face interview, have plenty of questions prepared in advance. Don’t be afraid to use your hands to emphasise your point if you would normally do this – the more at ease you are, the better.

  • Dress up

While it may seem appropriate to dress more casual for a video call, you should aim to dress how you would if you were going for the interview in person. Keep it professional. This can have a strong effect on your mindset and will make you feel more confident. Pyjamas are great for down days – not so much for interviews!

Best of Luck!