There are plenty of articles written for job seekers about how to do well in an interview. But what if you, as the interviewer, are the one searching for inspiration?

Quality candidates are in exceptionally short supply in Ireland’s full employment rate of 2019. As an interviewer, you need to sell the company, culture, job benefits and career development opportunities.

So how do you do that? We’ve put together a list of our top tips for interviewers seeking out the best candidate for the job.


  1. Come well-prepared

First impressions count. Candidates often remark that the interviewer kept them waiting late or didn’t print or have a copy of their CV. An unprepared interviewer risks appearing indifferent and gives a very poor first impression of their company. It is important to have fully read the CV in advance and prepare a list of questions to ask during the interview.


  1. Make the candidate feel welcome

Smile, make the candidate feel more comfortable. Offer them coffee or water, maintain eye contact as much as possible and always open on a positive note.


A Senior HR Professional and client of Leinster Appointments recently advised us that ‘fit’ is her top priority when making appointments. She advises to “make the candidate feel at ease as much as possible, by having a slightly informal conversation – best way to identify fit. Ensure the questions don’t come across as if you’re trying to catch them out, ensure you seem like you are genuinely interested in the answers and the questions are tools to educate you on the experience of the person”.


  1. Be methodical and consistent with your questions

Ask one question at a time and use open ended questions. During the interview process, let the conversation flow comfortably and allow yourself to get to know the candidate but remember to keep it structured and cover all of the questions and topics you think are important. Bring an interview guide or list of topics to the interview as a reminder of what is essential to cover.


  1. Answer their questions

Candidates want to learn about your company and the open role. Give them a chance to ask questions and always give them direct and honest answers. It is also an opportunity to pitch the company to candidates so let them ask away!


  1. Follow up with the candidate

Giving feedback is crucial and important. Describe next steps, follow through on those steps, contact candidates when the process for some reason gets delayed, and eventually provide closure to every candidate.

In summary, always treat candidates in a professional and respectful manner and go the extra mile to make a job interview pleasant for candidates. Give them time! It is essential for interviewers to know that an interview is a two –way conversation. It’s a great opportunity to showcase the strengths of your company and attract high quality candidates.


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