Video Interviews has become part of the ‘new normal’ in 2020. Zoom has emerged as the one that is most popular at the moment for employers conducting interview. We are getting feedback from our candidates that they are finding video interviewing ‘ different’ and hard to establish a rapport with interviewers.


Here are our Top Tips when doing a Zoom or any other Video Interview;


Some Top Tips When Using Zoom


  • Download the app in advance.
  • Do a test run checking the software is working, your connection is good and you know how the video and audio working maybe enlist the help of a family member to be your ‘test interviewee’.
  • Try and do a Practice Interview – see how you look on camera, how you are positioned and will also get used to the idea of speaking on camera.
  • Set up your phone or laptop…may sure it’s set at the correct height so the interviewee can see you properly (and not the top of your head!)
  • Dress as if you were heading to the interview in person. Why? It helps to get you in the right mindset and brings an air of professionalism.
  • Prepare your interview space Set up a quiet, comfortable space where there will be no interruptions. And have a glass of water at hand.
  • Background noise might be an issue…especially if others are at home too. Make sure to try and eliminate any background noise…pick a quiet room, close the door (sounds obvious but something that could be easily forgotten) and wear earphones or ear pods.
  • Switch off all notifications on your phone, and laptop (if you’re using one).
  • Have a pen and paper handy if you wish to make notes.
  • Have a few notes prepared on the company to hand in case you get stuck
  • Have your cv and job spec in front of you
  • Another obvious one but…make sure you’re not eating or chewing gum during the interview…remember the sound will travel!
  • Smile …smiles can be heard so make sure to smile as you talk.
  • Speak slowly and clearly and watch your body language 
  • Make sure to look at the camera and not the screen, as much as possible, so the candidate does not think you’re looking down.
  • Log on a few mins before the interview is due to start to make sure everything is working and you’re ready to go.
  • If you experience a connection issue make sure to use the chat functionality to let the other person know.
  • Make sure to PREPARE as you would for a face to face interview .