What are the practicalities involved?

For the first time since the recession, more Irish people are now moving home to Ireland than emigrating. While there is no place like home, it does have its challenges so it is worthwhile doing your homework before you take the plunge!

Start your job search before you arrive home

It is vital to commence your job search before you arrive back in Ireland. By getting a head start, you will greatly reduce the time spent searching for work after you arrive. In fact, if you manage to secure a job you want before you get home, then you can devote the first few weeks taking care of other priorities like sourcing accommodation, obtaining PPS numbers, health and car insurance and if applicable, organising childcare/setting up child benefit.

Investigate housing needs

Before making the move back home we recommend you check out prices and availability of properties to buy or rent. One of the biggest challenges that returning migrants and newcomers to Ireland face is securing a property.  If planning on commuting into work, research the available transport in your area.

Speak to your recruitment agency

Speak to recruitment specialists to get a true reflection of the salaries levels on offer. You cannot compare one country or city to another. If you are planning on relocating from London to the Midlands of Ireland, make sure you do your homework in advance. Is the job you are looking for available in that location? What are you willing to compromise on – job content, salary, commuting distance? How well regarded will your overseas work experience be received once back home on Irish soil?

Make sure your qualifications are accredited

Make contact with the Irish Institutes in advance of your return, to ensure you are fully accredited. If not, there may be some online courses you can do before returning home.

Resources to help you

There’s some very informative forums offering practical advice that you may find useful. One we would highly recommend is the Facebook page – ‘Irish Expats returning to Ireland’ answering important questions such as, ‘how to transfer money back home?’, ‘how to transfer pensions’ and ‘How to get your no claims bonus recognised back in Ireland’. Another useful source of information is the Citizens Information website which also has some very practical info on the following: Residency and citizenship, organising your finances, education and schooling, applying for social welfare and setting up a business. You can visit the website here:



If you are thinking of making the move, get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to help advise you of your career options as best we can. There’s never been a better time to move back home!