We are all too familiar with the benefits of physical exercise on our health. It is safe to say the list is endless. In more recent times we have come to learn that our body releases endorphins – aka. Happy hormones, when we engage in physical activity.  This can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, helping us to feel more positive and capable of dealing with pressurised situations. Along with all of these wonderful reasons to engage in exercise there is also a number of skills gained from playing team sports that can be transferable to your office team.


One of the most vital skills any team player on a sports team will learn is communication. Good communication skills are key to the success of any team. Whether it’s establishing the team goals and knowing that every member is on the same page or resolving any issues among the group it is important to be able to address these various things in an appropriate manner.


To be part of a successful team it is crucial to be organised and prepared. If its planning your meals the night before, organising your gear and equipment or general time management to make a game or work in enough time, being organised allows you to be prepared for any hiccups along the way. As the saying goes “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.


It is natural for any member of a sports team to be competitive. Competitiveness can sometimes be deemed as a negative but having that competitive element in any team results in motivating teammates around them in order to strive for success or to achieve the targets set by the team.


Finally, leadership is one of the most predominant qualities any sportsperson will develop when playing as part of a team. Leaders are people who are capable of motivating a group of in a particular way in order to achieve a common goal. Leaders inspire others and live to standards that the team then want to follow. Most importantly leaders are the people who are reliable and credible.


Why not be successful in your sporting life and career? Use your skills so that you succeed in all walks of your life.