Recruiting the right candidate is vital for every business and the time you spend recruiting needs to be minimal. We realise that the expense and upheaval caused by staff leaving can have a serious effect on a company’s morale and performance, so when you hire someone it is essential they are the right person for the job

We encourage our team to focus on client care and a transparent style to recruitment; rather than a quick fix approach. We believe in working as a team and all of our Consultants are involved in client briefs and candidate interviews. We concentrate on candidates fit as well as technical capability

Leinster Appointments appreciate the importance of developing a clear understanding of your specific needs and requirements. We therefore make every effort to present a shortlist of candidates with the relevant skills, background and qualifications for your vacancy.
We can advise on where to pitch salaries and benefits, how to maximise employer branding and employee engagement, what the trends are in talent acquisition and talent management to ensure once you have found someone great, you keep them

Our database of candidates is further enhanced by having consultants not only working on their area of specialism but also specialising geographically and truly understanding the local candidate population of their area.

We have specialist divisions focusing on:

Recruitment Solutions

Leinster Appointments offers tailor made solutions in the following areas:

  • Contingent Recruitment
  • Advertised Selection
  • Executive Search

Market Knowledge

The best recruiter will have their finger on the pulse of their specialist markets and they can give the hiring team insights in to what is happening. We know the available talent, where they are and how best to reach out to them


We want to take the time get to know you and your business. It is vital that we get the ‘fit’ right so we want to understand the culture of your organisation and the dynamics/personalities of the team in which your new hire will sit. If we can get to know your business and key managers then we are in a position to represent you as an employer of choice. Very important in a candidate driven market!

We won’t be shy in advising on alternative solutions too. Sometimes its not always possible to tick all the boxes.


Advertising jobs can be a very costly and time consuming process. We know how and where to advertise your vacancies ensuring the best response from the best candidates. We have access to the best recruitment websites and experience has taught us how to navigate our way around them!

Social Media:

Some candidates are hard to find. They may be passively looking and off the radar. Most of them are just simply too busy to search full time. We are connected with these people and know how to approach them and what types of roles to approach them about.


We have a sophisticated database of over 10,000 candidates
In a large proportion of searches we find the successful candidate on our database.


We can advise you on Psychometric, technical, sales and office skills testing to help you make the right decision when choosing people for your company.


Leinster Appointments will look after the reference checking, qualification checks and relevant visa/work permit checks if required.

Follow Up:

We will follow up long after we have placed a great candidate with your organisation and are always at hand to act as an intermediary or offer advice on specific candidates or general recruitment advice for your business.

Leinster Appointments
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